we all know that cyclone means windspeed above 200m/hr. cyoclone .is a terrible thing .we can not stop it but we can take precautions because it is a natural disaster.a cyoclone occured named hudud which left us much sadness and much loss.but also it destroyed many of the places and surrounding places of vishakapatnam the hudud cyclone occurred in was a terrible, dangerous disaster. As it is warned to Visakhapatnam people deaths were less in number.they are facing severe problems on current and water.chandrababu naidu promised that Visakhapatnam will be full of lights,joy and glory within 3 days but many farmers farms are also lost i think it takes not much time to become as the old vizag because many contributed to it and the work is going much faster
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    Hud Hud Cyclone hit Visakhapatnam, Vijayanagaram and Srikakulam districts in Andhra Pradesh in the second week of October, 2014. On the Sunday the 12th October, the cyclone hit the coast.   The beautiful and peaceful city turned into a nightmare.
    It is the strongest tropical cyclone in the north of Indian ocean.  It originated due to low pressure in the Andaman Seas.  The cyclone peak strength was 170 kmph wind speed and 960 mbar pressure at its center.  It drifted towards UP and Nepal after crossing the coast.  Perhaps about 60 deaths occurred. 
     Arrival of the cyclone was known in advance and many precautions were taken and people were evacuated from affected areas. Fishermen were warned not to go into the sea.  People and the government did not expect so severe a damage to the city and their lives as it really did.  The heavy rains caused the maximum damage and disrupted the life.

    The trains passing via coastal line were diverted and the flights were cancelled.  An international cricket match was cancelled. The road links snapped.  Many statues toppled down.  Around 6 cm to 20 cm of rain was witnessed in various regions.

    It was the most severe cyclone along with heavy rains at Visakhapatnam in the last 40 years.  The wind speeds were more than 100 kmph.  The heavy rains caused drowning of houses and flooding of roads.  There was no electricity and drinking water for at least four days.  There were no milk and other food supplies during two days.  There was a lot of shortage of fuel.  The roads to reach Visakhapatnam were broken.  Many electric poles and trees were uprooted.  Cell phones were not working due to damage of cell towers.   Many roof tops were blown off.

     Over 4 lakh people were evacuated in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.
  The chief minister Mr Chandra Babu Naidu had travelled to the city and started a fast recovery. Hud Hud damaged the air port and other major government properties. The loss is estimated at at least Rs 10,000 crores.  It will take a long time before the life returns to normal.

    The disaster management department has taken relevant steps for the recovery.
  Many Tollywood film celebrities donated money and food materials for the affected persons of Andhra Pradesh. The central government has announced a relief and assistance package for the state.  The effect of Hud Hud cyclone was felt in Jarkhand and other regions too. The temperatures in many regions in India came down to the cyclone.

    The human loss was relatively small due to the precautions taken.   The Hudhud caused sudden and severe snow storms (avalanche in the snow covered mountains) in north Nepal and killed some persons there in the Himalayan trekking route.

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