the cyclone started onĀ 7 th october and lasted till 14 th october.
it was very destructive.
it effected the states of andhra pradesh , oddisa and the andaman and niccobar islands.
it caused a great destruction to many lives around these places.
this type of destructive storm ws last seen in the year of 2008.
narenda modi gave rs. 1000 crores as aid to the people living in these places.

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The HUD HUD cyclone originated in India in the Bay of Bengal due to the creation of a low pressure area over there.
The cyclone entered India through the coastline of Vishakapatnam where it caused numerous damage to buildings, electric poles, vehicles,etc. Many of the power supplies had been cut to prevent any fatal damage from electricity. The HUD HUD entered on 7th October and it has now slowed down on its path through India. It is been estimated that the speed of the cyclone was 103 km/hr. The government has promised to help the people who had losses due to this.
The following pictures show airport worst hit by HUD HUD cyclone.