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We can make him aware of the need to get license to ride a two wheeler on public roads. We could make him aware of the results what will happen if the authorities catch him. And, we can show him a couple of videos, that had happened before, as a result of the children driving the vehicles. This might also lead to a situation in which other ones could also get harm because of us. Driving vehicles on the roads are only to make a show before others, So we can make them aware of the after affects by providing a good class by some coucilers . 
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We should tell him about traffic rules and he should remember that a child shouldn't drive a vehicle , he can drive after minaret . But in 16 years age only if he would drive then he want to face more problems from parents and society . If he went go society with his father's vehicle , he should need a license and a child shouldn't drive if he met with accident who is the responsibility for his joyly ride he will suffered and his parents will also suffer so we should not do such useless things and we should explain it briefly . we should tell some examples happen in real life . If he feels sad also we should guide him and keep him in a right way

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