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We could make that frnd aware of the need of education. There is a saying "time  and tide wait for  none", So , once the time is gone, it's gone for ever.So we are not supposed to loose our present time. If we are supposed to study right now, then we want to study or else, we won't get another chance for that. Being a student , his work is to study. He want make a new life with the help of education . So m if he is losing his time through bad friendships. then we can easily say that, he is gonna suffer later. We should make him aware of the value of life. We could provide him with some good, valuable books describing the life stories of great personalities. This could affect some . Or else, we could provide him with good awareness classes, and this might make him aware of the right path he should select. Friends are always good but, we should be aware in selecting them. Some times they might lead us to wrong ways. So , we should avoid making friendships with bad guys because, they are having the power to control our life. We must think of our family before getting in to all those stuffs. They are having a lot of hopes and love on us. So we are not allowed to destroy the, We should work for their happiness, cause,it;s the, , who has made us to the present condition .We should live not for us, but for others, So make ur life move . We might get attracted to various things that our bad friends might introduce before us. But, we are not supposed to fall in it's attraction. Once we go for it , we can't get out life back. Study well, because education makes who you  are. 
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Hey my friend fell into a bad company , he is not coming in my way 
he should come out of it right now . otherwise he becomes bad . if he doesn't comes into my way i will go inyo his way .i'll change him
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