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-kitchen garden for every single house
   this could make people  cook food from their own garden. We know, that the vegetables that we purchase from markets are actually filled with poisonous substances. So if we cultivate the food items we need, we could make a healthy life
-waste removal system
   we know that wastes are increasing day by day and this only leads to the accumulation of waste materials from houses, shops etc on road side. Actually this only rises the chances for the spreading of diseases.
-social clubs
 this clubs could easily make strong relations between the people themselves 
-good roads
  this will make the transport system very easy
   this will make us improve the health conditions of the people in the villages
- schools
  this will improve the chances of children to have education
   this will make a well development in that area. More people will get jobs. But this should e eco-friendly
  this will improve the habit of reading 

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-construction of roads
-construction of hospitals
-construction of schools
-providing electricity
-providing clean water
-more insurances for the farmers
-proper sewage system