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The swach bharat mission started by our prme minister Narendra modi is one to achieve this aim of gandhiji. We should clean all our public places for this. Our schools , temples, church , hospitals etc, should be kept clean . For this each and every individual should come front. We can find even our sachin tendulkar who has just came front with brooms in his hands to work for this. The activities like these can really provoke others and this will finally lead them too do the same. We should be aware of the value of a clean society.A clean and healthy society gives good personalities. We are having the right to live in a healthy society. So we should work for that. Dry day should be celebrated often . We should make students clean the surroundings. We can ourselves clean our house and its premises. As a result of all these we could find our society getting cleaned. Then , our nation too will get cleaned. For this, we might make every single one aware of the need of a clean society. Awareness classes should be given to all. 
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gandhi is one of our freedom fighters.he not nly wanted to free india but also wanted to clean india.after him , it is our duty to clean india .we can achieve it in many students or children , we can achieve it by cleanng our rooms , classrooms , play grounds , house grounds and our school corridoors.