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Money the most wanted thing on this earth. Even the whole population is running behind it. The need for money still remains as a problem o the whole nations. They are not able to full fill their needs with money. Before money if was the barter system existing . Due to it's demerits we moved on to money. It was gold and silver coins that was used first. Later now we moved on to the currency.Now it looks like people are addicted to money now. They feels like we can own everything if we have money. Today , it's because of money that our world looks like this. Our world got this face, due to money. The development activities we did here....changed the out cover of our world. But still many countries are not developed. They are trying to meet their income with expenditure. But still they are borrowing money . And now to collect money people went mad and are doing corruption, crimes and so and so. It's all for money. But the main problem is that many are not even able to full fill their basic needs due to scarce of money. The problem is that money is located only in some hands. We have to avoid that. Money should be in each and everyone's hands. It's for decreasing the money content in rich that we brought tax....but still it's not working properly. We need to avoid the excess amount of money in rich guys and we need to use that for the betterment of poor ones. Because if we try to improve the conditions of poor ones, then actually we are improving our nations' status. 
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