Today the Indian economy is the fastest growing economy in the world. India has advanced in many sectors like science and technology, IT to name a few. India is now among the top countries when it comes to information technology. The IT sector has seen a lot of growth in the last few decades. While things like television, mobiles, internet had emerged much earlier the 21st century has seen these things become a necessity in our lives. Evil social practices have been banned and no longer exist in most of the places. The literacy rate of our country is increasing at a fast pace. No need to mention the quality of life has improved a lot. And the Indian film industry.. It has developed more than ever. Why exclude the ISRO from our list. Its most recent achievement, the mars orbitor has left no doubts that India is one of the most advanced country in space technology. At last all there left to say if India goes on developing at such a pace no doubt we are going to be the citizens of one of the most developed countries in the world.
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INDIA IS A HUGE COUNTRY.IN 21 ST CENTURY AS INDIA ENTERS THE AGE OF COMPUTER WE WOULD BE ABLE TO SOLVE EVERY PROBLEMS AS ARESULT OF WHICH MAY APPEAR MORE GLORIOUS THAN THE PRESENT STATE. India is one of the strongest and the powerful country in the world due to technology. No country can defeat this country. The map of India has totally changed after independence. We should be proud to be a citizen of India becauae it is that country when no body knows about it when it was as a slave for british but today evey country salutes our country. The economic growth of the country is increasing day by day. The lifestyle of people in India are changing day by day. We are the bullet of these country. And we respect our mother land.. Jai hind....