books who give us carrier, books who is best friend if you see them positively. books are useful to us. sometimes, people say them enemy but they are not. they help us they teach us. if we fall into failure they gives us knowledge. they are of many types like : adventurous, sad, cartons representation, gaming and many more. they convince us to learn something new. but many of us are not interested. but we have the spirit to prove it. prove the knowledge prove the spirit.
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Good afternoon.  I come here today to discuss the value of books. Most people shun books, but I truley belive that if they knew the importance of them , people would be more likely to read, and learn.  Books come in all shapes and forms. They can tell a story, give information on thousands of different subjects, teach you things you did not know, and make you a more intellegent person. Even if you find boredom in a certin kind of book, does not mean you cant find somthing you do like.  By a show of hands, how many here use the internet often? Those of you that do thaTs great, but havnt you considered that books are just like the internet? Both online and in books hold information that people want to know. There is more to books than what you think!  Pick up a book. Either it be fatacy, romance, mystery, realtity, science-related bnooks, ect. ther are plenty of choices! I do hope you leave here today with more knowlege on the subject.if you want more just post a commet!
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