You are explorers going to settle on an island undiscovered.give the island a name.write a blog on how you pan to make your island a haven of peace and harmony for future settlers.give some thought,too,on preserving the environment and can even draw the map of the about these aspects:geography:size and shape of the island,beaches/forests/hills,flora and fauna,weather,conditions that make it habitable
people:nationality,culture,education,etc,of the settlers
government:monarchy/democracy/dictatorship,public holidays
laws:rules and punishment



 my  friends  and  i  found a map from the soil while we were digging for planting a tree.we were a great lovers of adventures so we decided to explore the place which according to the map was in the middle of river oricono.

we set off with some food and clothings and others required materials to explore the our path we had to face many difficulties but we were able to land on the island.the island was absolutely empty.we tried to find any one living there we in faliure.finally we knew that we were the first people to land on this island.we decided to name this island as 'the island of harmony'.we made two cabins out of logs.

one was for official use and the other was for our relaxation.we made some rules for the people who will be living on this island in future.the size of the island was about 500 sq was far from the busy world in the middle of oricono river.the public holiday was given on the day we explore this island.this day will also be celebrated as  a national peace day on this island.
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can you give me a map of the island