Today when i was just waking up i saw a  number of people who are dumping waste behind my house. by seeing that i have felt very bad because even though there are many dumping yards in my city they are dumping their waste behind my house. by many people may get diseases .  


dear dairy,

Oh my god! How can they do something like this! Polluting the environment, polluting our mother nature like this. Disgusting! We say we are civilized, well informed and lot other things, don't we.... so this is the conduct of so called civilized humans. The small plot behind our house which was once meant for a children's park is now a dump yard. The beautiful green grass has vanished and now over taken by that unhealthy garbage and its hell like smell. What's more we never protested about it too. We just watched and ignored. I feel really ashamed today.. we are harming  our mother nature which has literally given us everything this way. So undesirable! Today I am promising myself that from now onwards I'll never pollute or harm our environment nor allow any one else to do so. I'll do everything I can. We have to stop this and we will.

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