Hi friends,
today we are enjoying all equipment are of science . without them today we cannot  enhance our life. Friends we should  create science equipments in a good ways not in a bad way . So we should use our brain and create science and technology .
thank you

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science and technology is the major reason behind the advancement of the world.

without science and technology we would have been living the life of the apes.

many gadgets have been invented by the technologists and these gadgets have made our life easy.

the name of some common gadgets that we use daily are mobile phones , televisions , calculators etc.

we can do our work in very less time using these gadgets.

science and technology is on the way of further advancement of the world.
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Scientific research comprises a wide variety of fields ranging from the study of different branches of science to relatively advanced fields like space exploration, human genetics and cloning. Scientific study attempts to explore and understand the working of the physical world. It tries to analyze the occurrences in nature and gain knowledge about nature through experimentation. As scientific research aims at gaining knowledge of the complexities of nature, it is important for the progress
Technological advancements have driven the developments in the different modes of transport. Bicycles have transformed into scooters and sport bikes. Four and six wheeled vehicles have started running on the roads, thanks to the advancing technology. The developments in air transport have winged the common man to soar high!
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