This statement is really about whether or not your thinking is limiting or expanding your options for the future.  If your thinking today is, "The sky's the limit," there is no telling what you might accomplish tomorrow.  If your thinking today is that there really isn't all that much you can accomplish tomorrow, you are setting yourself up to not accomplish very much.  This does not necessarily mean literally the next day, but the future in general. For example, if you are thinking that you cannot get into a particular college or get a job you want, you are defeating yourself in advance, closing off all the options you really do have.  Other examples might be thinking you cannot write a good paper or take good photos.  When we are thinking about the next day, even then, we can think expansively or in a limited way.  I knew someone who would "decide" that she would be tired the next day.  Why decide that in advance?  A person could wake up and feel just fine.  If you think positively and think about keeping all your options open, there is no telling what you can do! 


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By this sentence we can understand what does it mean. It means that whatever work we are supposed to do tomorrow should and must be done today so that we can have a enjoying life tomorrow. But today man has become lazy and always wants to do his work afterwards ehich results him to lead a bad life. But our ancestors were so strong and active that they used to do their work at a time because of these they need not want to worry about future. So being a human being we should complete our given task at a time so that tomorrow you can live a peaceful life
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