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India is a huge country but today in this beautiful country there are some bad persone who does not take care of their coyntry and used to throw the waste all over the country bcoz of those people the name of the country has been spoiled but we should keep our India clean. We should keep our india as a heaven so that other country's would salute us and respect us. So we should pledge ourselves to clean india and we should clean india by taking the broom in our hands and keep India as a gold country
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not enough details or points on cleanliness in India.
India is a beautiful country and also the 7th largest country in the world.India is also overpopulated so people make our country dirty,shabby and also they put the garbage on the roads.They also spit,urinate etc.So we should keep our country clean then only our country can attract tourists etc.For the cleanliness of india our P.M.Mr.Narendra Modi has anounced swacch bharat campaign.Keep india clean,follow gandhi's steps and keep the india as one of the best and clean countries.Jai hind.
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not enough details or points on cleanliness in India.