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I was influenced by the way he gave speech to german people. Hitler was born in germany. He gave gold medal to those women's who gave eight child or more than it. He gave silver medal for those mothers who gave birth to six child. He gave bronze medals to those mothers who gave three child. He trained the 14 yrs boys fr boxing.. I liked him the way he fighted fr his country. This things made me influence
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Nazism and Hitler's raise to power will forever remain a kind off mile stone in our history. Though this event had taken place almost a century ago... it still influences me sometimes to this date. After all Hitler certainly had some gifts and the Nazis weren't all bad. Only some of their decision were very wrong. Hitler powerful words are the thing which inspires me the most. It makes me believe in word power. I come to know how a person's personality can be so very important. But on the other hand it taught me to discard all racial, discriminatory feelings. We all saw how Hitler's extremely racist ideas led to his fall.
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