I will an idea which came in my mind..
If it doesnt have to be a funny skit you can do it about the vietnam war and the use of 'agent orange.' it's still affecting children today even though the war finished years ago. 'agent orange' was a code name for dioxide or something..the most poisonus stuff to man which got into the water system where woman and children bathed and drank from and anyone drinking it or bathing could be deformed and many of the woman suffered miscarriages and gave birth to deformed children. 
A: How long should we have to suffer this injustice?
B: It's our right to study without any distraction.
C: Yes, I agree with you.  The polluted water in the pond near our school is threatening our future in this school.
D: Yeah, the stinking smell, the disease causing flies and the demoralising atmosphere - all are responsible for our worries about the pond.
A: I have an idea to solve this problem.
B: Wow! What's it? Tell us more about it.
C: I am very curious to know how we as students can make our school life better.
D: I know A will come up with something wonderful so tell us what your plan is.A: First let us ask our teachers and the Principal to clean the pond and then using chemicals,completely make the pond sterilised.  Then we will stop the water which is polluting the pond and divert it.
A: Now how beautiful our school is!
B: Yeah, it's so nice to study and play in so clean and safe environment.
C:The pond water has become a natural habitat for fish and other aquatic creatures.
D:Thanks to our Biology and Chemistry teachers.  They did a miracle.

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