india is a land of festivals.diwali is the festival of lights.the festival is held at night.the kali puja is observed only by the people of west bengal.but diwali is pompously celebrated by the hindus all over india and abroad.on this day they decorate their houseswith lights and candle lighted at night.the diwali festival is religiously associated with the return of ram to ayodhya after an exile of 14 denotes the ultimate victory of good over evil.

diwali comes after the rainy season.before the festival all the houses are cleaned and decorated.the atmosphere becomes cheeerful.the shops are decorated with colourful buntings.rush is seen at the sweet and crackers shops.children put on new attractive dress and goes to the market with their parents or seniors.

the peak hours of celebration are in the evening and at night.the light from the houses makes the start well lighted and charming.the people are out at night to see and enjoy the lights.the people sents presents to their friends and relatives.sometimes accidents occurs when there is display of fireworks.many people are wounded and some children catch fire while playing with crackers.

diwali is also an important day for the traders and the businessmen.many of them start new accounts on this day.many houses at night worships goddess laxmi.the exchange of sweets is a lovable is really a day for india's unity in diversity.
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Diwali is once of the auspicious festivals of India. It is said to be "Festival of Lights: for a reason. And that reason is that during this particular night every Indian household shines from the lights of the candles,pradeeps,and etc. It is a day when in disputes are all forgiven and forgotten.
               The legend behind Diwali is related to the great Indian epic Ramayana. Ramayana returned after his 14 year exile and his homecoming and coronation was celebrated by the people of Ayodhya. This day has been celebrated ever since and and eventually it became one of India's eminent festivals. Indians rejoice on this great day.People exchange sweets and gifts with each other,love and friendship prevails.Kids burst crackers and fireworks. The whole of India seems to have received the stars from heaven by gods. The very light is reflected by their content faces.
             Yes,there are many downsides of this occasion too.Pollution reaches its maximum height in India. Too many crackers causes air as well as noise pollution. People tend to ignore this,but this is dangerous and fatal,even it is for just one night. We must take care of this,as soon as we can. It is an increasing threat.
                                          But other wise this occasion is one of the most important ones among the Indians.People who stay away from their families come home. People forget their rivalries and embrace each other. This day is the one of those where goodness is most prevalent,over evil.

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