We meet several people every day right, some we forget and some manage to cast an impression on us. Study of man is really very interesting. Anyway just yesterday I met a guy called Ronald Potter and believe this guy not cast an impression on me but I'll remember him as long as I am here. He was so simply dressed yet carried an aura of glamour and greatness in him. He was actually my new class mate. That young chap wasn't only miraculously brainy but also excellent in sports. Ronald is very helpful and always has a smile playing on his lips. But god knows how he can read my mind so accurately! Even when he gets angry Ron's as cool as a cucumber, doesn't say a word when taunted but always pays back one way or other. I am not trying to be anything but frank.... but do u know I kind of got mesmerized the first time I saw him. Overall he's a very interesting person, I would certainly like to know more about him.


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