Food is never just one thing. Most people would say it is a source of energy and nutrients for the body. Some would go farther and call it a way to make a living. I personally would emphasize the fact that food is enjoyment. But none of these are true on their own. Food needs to be three things: Good, Clean, and Fair. To be Good I believe the food must be mostly whole, always fresh, and forever tasty. Not all food must be whole to be good. Pasta for example just isn’t the same when it is whole wheat. The texture is off and unappealing. But most whole foods are good, not only in taste but also in nutrition. Whole foods have all of their nutritional value intact. It isn’t lost on the conveyor belt as it is treated with chemicals and cooked down to nothing. Whole veggies are important as well since the skins have a high amount of minerals and vitamins. Too much processing just breaks down any Good in the food that the consumer needs.