In a village two families(brothers) were living . the elder son has a good job and earns well the younger one doesnt have a good job .the elder brother had 1 son (rahul)and the younger too(raju) . the two cousins or nephews were good friends as the elder brother had a good job he was transffered to mumbai and these cousins got seperated from eachother. rahul tried to stop his father but his father doesnt listen to him and they went away.after going to mumbai rahul became illmanered and a bad child who never listened to his parents after 5 years there(2 brothers) mother was so sick and the elder son came to the village back as her mother wished. raju and rahul went to their fields where the labours were working and an old labour accidentally throws some mud on his foot so, he shouts at him and tells him to clean it. raju refuses and tells rahul that "how could u tell this though his our worker we have to respect him by seeing his age , his an elderly person rahul, dont shout on him like this". by hearing this rahul gets so angry and leaves the home , raju tries to talk to him but he will not listen to him anything raju convinces his grandma to tell rahul to talk to raju but rahul shouts on her grandma too.seeing this raju gets angry and tells rahul to come to his school . though he was not intereted her father forces him to go and rahul and raju gets to the school there a child (age 6)scolds her friend and then her mother calls him and tells "this is not the way u speak to ur friends go and tell them sorry" the child does the same and they were friends again .by watching this rahul gets tears in his eyes and tells raju that "he is very sorry and now he understood that elders are elders and whatever they say is for our good future" raju replies "when we die we will not take all the gold and money we take only and  only the goodness and blessings of elders"
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