Nishad and Maya come to know a mysterious person called Mr Nath. This man was staying in that particular for many day and what's more  he seldom comes out of his room. Most of the children and even some adults in that area are afraid of him. He was actually a patient of their mother. The siblings Nishad and Maya are very suspicious of him in beginning, that mysterious visitor,who visits Nath every sunday adds even more to the uncanniness. However later Nishad stops suspecting him, however Maya stil thinks he is an escaped crook.
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 mr.nath is a patient of doctor mother of maya and nishad. he has scars on his face. these are fire burns. he is ashamed of moving about freely with those ugly scars. so he keeps aloof. perhaps he is undergoing possible surgery. he is lonely. he allows only his brother to visit him on sundays. maya takes him for an escaped criminal. but her brother nishad, disagrees with her. his attitude is sympathetic and sensible towards mr.nath
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