India is a land of festivals.diwali is the festival of lights. The festival is held at night. The kali puja is observed only by the people of west bengal.but diwali is pompously celebrated by the Hindus all over India and abroad. On this day they decorate their houses with lights and candle lighted at night. The diwali festival is religiously associated with the return of ram to Ajodhya after an exile of 14 years. It denotes the ultimate victory of good over evil.

Diwali comes after the rainy season. Before the festival all the houses are cleaned and decorated. The atmosphere becomes cheeerful.the shops are decorated with colorful buntings. Rush is seen at the sweet and crackers shops. Children put on new attractive dress and goes to the market with their parents or seniors.

The peak hours of celebration are in the evening and at night. The light from the houses makes the start well lighted and charming. The people are out at night to see and enjoy the lights. The people sent presents to their friends and relatives. Sometimes accidents occur when there is display of fireworks. Many people are wounded and some children catch fire while playing with crackers.

Diwali is also an important day for the traders and the businessmen.many of them starts new accounts on this day. Many houses at night worships goddess laxmi.the exchange of sweets is a lovable manner. It is really a day for India’s unity in diversity.
India - a land known for unity in diversity. This is because we have a many different culture,heritage,language and festivals of course.And talking about festivals , India is also known as land of festivals. And my favourite is Diwali.Diwali have many histories behind it . Some believe that  Diwali was celebrated first when the hindu mythological lord Rama returned to Ayodhya with his wife and brother after slaying the mighty rakshasa king Ravana.And the citizens of Ayodhya on this wonderful occasion when their most beloved prince returned decorated the whole kingdom with "deep" meaning lambs.And that is why we celebate  Diwali. But another history behind Diwali is that gods at that time slayed the mighty demon NARAGASURA who was creating trouble and his death was celebrated as Diwali.
          Now that was the history, today on diwali we wear new dresses,play .burn crackers and sweets with our whole family. But now is diwali a festival of light or a festival of pollution. think my friends think.Due the crackers we burn our mother nature is being polluter . the air we breathe is toxified.So on this day why dont we just light lambs and not burn crackers which is good for our health.
      so freinds enjoy a happy and safe diwali.