Shakil Ahmad                                                                                                               Letter to the Editor                                                                                                   Times of India,                                                                                               Date:AUG-23-2012                                                                                           Subject:Lack of Cancer Hospitals in UP
Dear Editor:
Through your newspaper, I would like to draw attention of the UP government on lack of full fledge cancer hospitals in state. For sure there are oncology departments in most of the medical college hospital and Institute of Medical Sciences but their size and faculty is really small. Be it SGPGI, RMLIMS, IMSBHU etc. The Regional cancer center in Kamala Nehru Hospital Allahabad is served by four doctors. Most of the places are not able to treat all kind of cancers and expertise level is low because of the small size of the faculty. On 3rd July this year I was turned down consultation by the SGPGI because that day they could consult only 25 patient and arriving at 9AM at the hospital was too late. I was advised by fellow patients to reach there at 5AM to queue. They don’t even consult every day. This cannot be the case.  I would like to request to the government to build few large cancer hospitals in different region of the state.
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