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What a sunny day? Is it refreshing to drink a glass of water now. Good morning / noon / evening to one and all gathered here. We all know how important water is in our life. we could not survive without it. As water is a natural resource, one it is decline it is very difficult  to regain it back. As the future generation it is our duty to preserve water for the next generation. But we students are very careless about the conservation of the water and it can easily identify by taking one glance at our washing areas of the school .Water is still flowing without any need. If this situation continues we will regret about this one day. So it is very important to   take care while using the wash basins in the school. All children should ensure that all the taps are well closed, dont open th tap without necessary and close the opened tap. we should also report to the office about the leakage of the tap if any, Thus we can make a good generation by saving water.
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