Hindustan unliver limited (HUL),formerly hindustan unliver limited it was renamed in late june in 2007 as (HUL) , is india's largest fast moving  consumer goods company , touching the lives of two out of three indians with over 20 distinct categories in home and personal care products and food and beverages. these products endow the company with a scale of combined volumes of about 4 million tonnes and sales of nearly rs.13718 crores HUL is also  one of the country's  largest exporters  it has been recognised as golden super star trading house by the government of india. the mission that inspires HUL's over 15,000 employees including over 1,300 managers , is to add "vitality of life ." HUL meets everyday needs for nutrition,hygiene and personal care  with brands that help people feel good,look good and get more out of is a mission  shares with it's parent company.unilever  which holds 52.10%  of the equity. the rest of the share holding  is distributed among 360,675 individual share holders  and fianancial institutions ..