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When there is a push or pull between the two objects, it is said force( It is denoted by the symbol( F)

Force have a formula that is F=ma
The two types of forces are
Contact Forces
Action-at-a-Distance Forces or Non contact force
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Force is an influence that changes the motion of a body.  It is like a push or pull.

It makes a body with mass to alter its state of rest (inertia) or of uniform motion in a direction.  A force acts on a body through a contact or through a field in space. 

Forces are of two types:  

1. Contact forces  
       Friction,  normal force,  Tension in a string or rod, spring (restoration) force, applied force (push or pull), air resistance of drag,  buoyancy force in a fluid

2. Distant forces or non-contact forces
       Electric force of attraction,  nuclear forces, magnetic force of attraction or repulsion, gravitational force of attraction

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