Fisrt imagine what you want to draw and decide the colours
make a rough sketch with light pencil
get your sketch ready then make outer boundary
use crayons to colour
you can choose colours of your choice
and ur beautiful drawing is ready
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First of all you must have a definite plan of what you are going to draw.
step 1 ; take a rough sheet of paper and draw what you want.if it is good then its ok and if you want any alterations then you can make the changes.
step 2 ; copy the picture in the main sheet . note ; try to draw as much as light as possible. because It would be easy for you to erase.
step 3 ; then colour using coour pencils.
  tips for colouring;
  while colouring a flower first fill the flower with yellow or any light colour.then shade from the edge with dark pencil like violet . then smudge in the middle of the flower. it would create a 3d effect.

avoid using may spoil your picture.

colour you flower horizontal or vertical. avoid colouring both sides.
hope I helped u
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