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The consequences faced by people when they cut down trees:
1) degraded environment with reduced biodiversity.
2) destroy genetic variation
3) decreased oxygen content in the atmosphere.
4) frequent floods and famines
5) soil erosion
6) global warming
7) increase in carbon dioxide content
8) ozone depletion
9) less rainfalls
10) suffocation
and last but not the least... 11) no trees left for the little children to climb on and play... hope this helps....
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The consequences faced by people by cutting trees are-
.Floods due to deforestation.
.Less rainfall, so less crops.
.Always warm weather.
.Soil erosion.
.Land slides.
.Less water or water problems.
.Less oxygen.
.No life on the Earth.
 And many more, so why we are waiting for these things to happen.....Come on, Lets save our Mother Earth and our lives ,don't cut trees.............Make a Green and a Beautiful Earth like Heaven.

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