The characteristics of a developing country are :
1. General Poverty
2.High Dependence on Agriculture
3. Under utilised Natural Resources
4.Lack of Industries and Enterprises
5. Lack of Capital and Technology
6.Lack of Basic Infrastructures
7. Vicious Circle of Poverty
8.Demographic Characteristics
9. Socio-Cultural Characteristics
10. Dualistic Economy
7. Low income means less saving, that is less capital and less investment.Low investment leads to less production that is low income. This is called vicious circle of poverty.
8. There is high growth rate of population in developing countries.Because the are not economically inactive, they depend on their family.
9. Different types of socio groups reside in a country.They have deep impact on the economy of a nation.
10. All the sectors of economy are not developed in developing countries.Employment opportunities are less.
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