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                      A day in the life of a student

       I woke up in the morning and looked at the alarm clock. It had been ringing continuously for the last few minutes. Finally after having pressed on its button, I stretched my body and legs on the bed and got up. I picked my brush and tongue cleaner and walked to the bathroom at the end of the corridor.  Finishing it quickly, I shaved and bathed in quick succession.  I dressed up and went to the mess quickly to have a hot breakfast peacefully before it gets crowded.

      I returned to the hostel room on the second floor.  I completed the assignment to be submitted today.  I looked at the time table and collected the relevant notebooks and came out of my room. Having locked my room I walked towards the classroom.  I met Rohit on the way and we greeted each other warmly.

        The noise in the classroom disappeared soon as the professor had come in. The first hour class started. The lecture was going on smoothly.  I understood most of it. However, I noted the points difficult to understand in my notes. I would go to the lecturer in the afternoon to clarify those points. I attended remaining three periods.  I felt thirsty and hungry.  I walked to the mess and had lunch.  I liked the sambar, capsicum curry and stuffed chapathis.  But I ate lightly as heavy lunch makes me sleep in the afternoon.  

     I took the notes for the tutorials and classes in the afternoon.  The refill in my pen was emptied and the pen stopped writing.   I borrowed the spare pen that Rohit always carried in his bag, and managed my class work.

  Returned to my hostel room, I changed in to shorts and sports T-shirt.  I closed the window shutter to prevent mosquitoes from coming in.    After finishing tea and snacks at the mess, I ran towards the badminton court along with my racquet.  We had to vacate the court when the next slot commenced.  We shifted to volleyball court and enjoyed playing for an hour.  I felt exhausted and tired.  I returned back to the hostel.  I bathed and changed into a fresh pyjamas and kurta.  I relaxed for an hour.

          I had my dinner and took a small walk around the hostel and finally returned to the room.  I opened the text books and note books on the table one by one and revised the day’s lectures.   I was totally absorbed in the studies and did not notice the clock ticking beyond 11 o clock.  I realized that when my father called me and inquired my welfare.   I decided finally, that was it for the day and prepared to sleep.  I switched off lights and switched on the bed light.  I drank a glass of water.  I started to sleep hoping that I would have good dreams.    

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