Describe the three heat zones of the world?
1 the hot torrid zone
2temperate zone or moderate zone
3frizid zone {cold zone}

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Torrrid zone-
hottest zone.tropic of cancer to tropic of capricorn

temperate zone-
suitable for the growth of civilization.near arctic and antarctic circle

frizid zone-
permanantly frozen.north and south arctic circle and antarctic circle

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the zone lying between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn is known as the torrid zone. the sun's rays are almost vertical in this zone throughout the year and it receives  the maximum insolation. thus this is the hottest zone.

the north temperate zone lies between the tropic of cancer  and the arctic circle in the northern hemisphere, and the south temperate zone lies between the tropic f capricorn and the antarctic circle in the southern hemisphere.the amount of insolation received bty the temperate zones decreases with an increase in latitude. these zones are neither too hot nor too cold.

the north frigid zone lies between the arctic circle and the north pole in the north pole in the northern hemisphere and the south frigid zone lies between thge antarctic circle and the south pole in the southern hemisphere.the frigid zones always get extremely slanting rays of the sun and thus the amount of insolation received here is very low.hence,they are very cold.

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