Raja Ram Mohan Roy was called the " Maker of Modern India" or the "Father of the Indian Renaissance".  he was against idol worship and caste inequality. he considered education to play a vital role in social reform.
 he was against sati and he used his journal called "sambada kaumudi"
to ban this practice. he played a prominent role in the society by opposing cast system. he respected the Hindu scriptures but still he protested to ban caste inequality as it was hindering India's progress. so he founded "Brahma Sabha" to reform Hinduism .
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Raja Rammohan Roy wsa extremely vocal and active against the terrible, inhuman, social and religious practice by the Hindus. It was called Sati. Hindu widows would be burnt alive along with their husbands at their funeral pyre. At last with the British Rule, it was banned by Lord Bentinck.
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