.5o years ago- There were more trees and forests ,there was less pollution as there were less factories and vehicles, the water bodies were clean. If there were forests so animals were living in forest happily ,as forests are the homes of animals.etc.

Today- A lot of pollution ,more factories and vehicles .Mostly water bodies are dirty ,very less trees more deforestation. people suffer diseases by this, now there are less forests so animals that lives in forests are suffering and loosing their homes. etc. 
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50 years ago :
before people was dependent on nature as there were no much scientific development during that time. there were less factories and the rivers were pure and holy. people always preferred natural things than artificial things. example: cloth and jute bags.before our earth was rich in fossil fuels and all the lands were fertile. there were no problems related to over fishing,over grazing due to less population.
nowadays people are much interested in scientific developments. many factories are established and the rivers are polluted. people began to prefer artificial and fancy things example: plastics. the fossil fuels are not
sufficient today. most of the lands are barren and infertile due to the dumping of plastics. all the natural resources are almost exhausted