Once ther was a poor farmer. he had three children Sita, Pooja, raja. he can not afford to send his children to seeing other small children going to school and studing. they wanted to study.
       once they sitting imagining of going to school and getting good marks in there exams. Raja's friend Ram comes there and asked them what they were thinking about.they says them what they were thinking. Ram laughed and said 'that is the problem, if you don't mind can i help you in your dream'
sita, pooja, raja were very happpy on this and started studing with ram
can u write a result for this
can u write a moral for this story
This does'nt make sense
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Once upon a time there was a village in which many families lying below poverty line used to live.the children used to work in small factories and mines located on the outskirts of town instead of studying.there was no government school even that cam make children study.
Then suddenly one day an officer came for a round and declared that a would be opened soon by seeing the condition of the village.and soon a government school was opened.there were many students admitted in the school and everyone got the chance to study.due to this many students started studying.
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