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Keep chatting, read books, read articles, you can also use some english learning apps. Your english will improve automatically without any stress.
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Yes chatting
but chatting se typing fast hosakti hai per english im prove naihi
Hoti hai kyuki aap nhi chahte ke aapki izzat aapke frnd ke samne girr jaye jisse aap chat karre toh aap pure and accurate english use karte jisse aapki english improve hoti hai
1. Reading english news papers,books such as story books or whatever you wish to read. 2. Watch english movies because subtitles which will be displayed make you to understand better. 3.Talk in english in your home, college or school dont worry when you get mistakes.keep on talking. 4. Little concentration needed in english grammar
Try speaking english with ur friends dear!!! they correct our mistakes as well as u can correct them...last but not the least read GOOD books!!!!!