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1.  Reflection of light rays occur at any boundary between two optical media.  Total internal reflection occurs only when some conditions are met.

2. Reflection of light rays occurs when a light ray travels from a lighter medium to a denser medium also.  But Total Internal reflection occurs only when light travels from a denser medium to a lighter medium.

3. Reflection occurs for any angle of incidence between 0° and 90°.  Total internal reflection occurs only if the angle of incidence is more than the critical angle between the two media.

4.  Only a part of the total energy in the light is reflected during the normal reflection. Part of it is scattered and part of it is refracted.  In total internal reflection all the light is reflected.

5. Intensity of the light is more and the objects shine brilliantly in total internal reflection as compared to ordinary reflection.  Diamonds sparkle due to total internal reflection.  Normal reflection images are less bright.

6. Reflection of light does not depend on the refractive index of the medium on which it is incident.  Total internal reflection depends on the refractive indices of both 
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