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Points to be covered for the first essay on My School - - Infrastructure - Academic Level - Maintainance - Teachers and Students Relationship Points to be covered for the second essay on A Hot Summer Day - - Weather - Date - Situation - Personal Feeling - What You Did
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All the points you should take care while writing the first essay~

School~ All about school ..Your class How much you like your school..Why you like your school..Your class teacher etc etc ...your friends...what is the best thing in school.....why is that the best thing.....what do you want to improve..tell in the essay that how your school celebrates festivals..

The second essay~

Hot sunny day¬ - How is the day today...the the sun is looking today...describe the sun .....what are you feeling to eat in this hot sunny day........How are the animals acting to this day.....Should it rain or is this weather fine...

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