...and I felt like I was having the best time of my Life. Last year I had severe viral fever so I couldn't go to the famous state fair. But this year my dad surprised me . As I entered he bought me a candy floss and I started gobbling it down. Then we walked around the whole place. I stopped here and there to see what was being sold in the shop. I did not miss a single ride. I also tried my hand a ringing the money and bursting the balloon. Then a after eating fuchkas and ice cream me and dad came back home. We had spent the whole evening in the fair enjoying ourselves.. I was so tired that I dozed off in the car on my way home...
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I went to the fair with my dad on Friday..It was amazing because last time I asked him to take me to the fair he felt ill and for the next 2 weeks he was ill...I was sad but then when he was cured he told me that he would take me to the fair and I was super excited!..But this time the visit was a bit strange because when we entered the fair there was nobody In the fair and father was surprised to see nobody in a fair.He decided that we should go home but suddenly all the lights started to light there was music in the background..There were three stange odd looking man who came from nowhere and one was wearing 5 caps one on another...2nd was dressed more of like a girl and third was dressed more like a joker. They said to us people would start coming ..."We are magicians, Different kinds of magicians..And then the adventure begun father and I were amazed by seeing all the rides and toy shops etc ....We saw there were people coming. My father felt a bit tired after 16 rides 4 games and so much of shopping so we bought an ice-cream and left for home..But at home I still was wondering who really were the three odd little man!
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