(I am writing the body only)dear ......, I hope you are keeping well. Everyone is fine back home. But believe me we are dead scared when the thought of your upcoming exam cross es our mind. I hope you are preparing well. You know how much pain we have taken to get you admitted to such an expensive school. Please study hard and don't indulge in useless activities for long hours We are all praying for you. Just study hard good results are bound to come
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Dear Mini,
                How are you my dear sister? I hope you are doing well. Everyone are fine at home here. I have wrote you this letter to advice you how u can prepare for your exams.
             As you know that your exams are starting from next week I think you would be seriously preparing for them. You just work hard and revise the all the chapters thoroughly. You must sleep well and do not stay awake till late night, you will not be able to concentrate properly. Keep confidence and always that think you can do it. Just work hard for your examsand do not get too much tensed. Remember what I told you and take care
Your loving sister,