I need a good topic for a dance drama, the script, the songs, the plot, the characters and the costumes.

arethese answers okay for u?
Not at all...
I can't choose any answer as the best because none of them are the best...
Is it ok if the topic is made by myself?
Of course. I just need something smart..


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You may do Ramayana - 
Plot - Sita is selecting her husband. You may read more about that scene on the internet. 
Characters - Sita, Ram, Ravana, Sita's father and mother and two more boys who can play the other kings who auditioned for Sita's husband.
Songs - Can be found on the internet.
Costumes - Can be made by mixing and matching normal day to day wear.

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Topic~ The topic should be based on normal life I mean ..There is a girl who can't dance ( dance because it's DANCE drama ) and her all other friends can dance very well ..some don't tease her but some are very rude with her...and then you can show some angel type person comes and changes the girls life ...And at the last stage performance the girl does something magical and is the best!..I think I have given the plot...like crying-sad-happy types...characters-The main girl..two or three friends who don't make fun of her and five or six friends who tease her...an angel or godmother...some teachers ...and some parents..That's all..Costumes ...should all be normal wear but not too normal wear..the angel should wear a pretty frock with wings and a magic wand...the teachers will wear normal too.... but when it comes at the last performance the girls should wear something exotic! Because it's a dance stage performance..And inbetween the script you can add alot I mean friends teasing her etc! Have A Good Day!
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