24th October 2014 - 9 PM

Dear Diary,
    Today was a memorable  day in my life. Today i did a big mistake. Today was my Sa1 exam and as yesterday was a holiday, I didn't prepare anything for my exam and i played and enjoyed  and was not at all bother about today's exam. When i reach the school all my friends said to me that they also didn't learn anything. It increase my self confidence and I started to play with my Best Friend. As i was not at all prepare for the exam i decided to copy from my neighbor. But unfortunately my teacher caught me and scold me in front of the class and she make me to realize my mistake. I am very thank full to her because of not being informed this to my parents. Today I took a  promise that i will not copy from anyone and study and score good mark.
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nece amazing
frm hyderabad?
thank u
i'm frm hydreabad

dear diary ,