Thermal death of earth means that in earth there will be no thermodynamic free energy & earth will be unable to consume any kinds of energy.
The earth is a heat engine. It remains geologically and biologically active, and evolves, because there are two great sources of energy. One source of energy is from the earth's molten core (that drives the geology), and the second is from the sun (that drives life and the atmosphere.)
     However, considering the fact that the solar system began as a cloud of gas and dust that was near absolute zero we might wonder where the earth's internal heat came from to drive the plate tectonics. The problem is more perplexing when we realize that virtually every other planetary body in the solar system (including some moons that are larger than some planets) is geologically dead (they have no internal heat of their own). Similarly, the earth is the only planetary body we know at present that is biologically alive too.