here are some specific tips to score well in exams :
 If its the science exam, practice the diagrams. and for maths exams, practice all the kind of problems and the formulas also. for social, always keep the important points and dates in mind. for English exams, you can practice grammar worksheets and reading comprehension from the internet itself or from any work books. and solving sample question papers for all the subjects can get you success in your exams.

⇒ schedule your sleep
⇒ exercise
⇒ prioritize
⇒ drink water often
⇒ don't get too comfortable in your chair
⇒ clear your desk of everything you don't need
⇒ don't plan to study non stop
⇒ take breaks every hour
⇒study at the same time same place
⇒ spend as much time as possible with your teachers for doubts
⇒ last but not the least prepare check list so that you don't forget the required materials.
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Just be relax don't take tension if you will take tension then your paper will go hard just do what -
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dont be tensioned be cool be confident try to analise the points which you are readind dont battify the answers study at one place take a break for every 45 minutes have some snacks if you are more tired these are the some tips that everyone should follow before exam
first  of all  study in a pleasant , neat and orderly place so that you will have the mood t study. don't read in dark or dim lights . this may sometimes  cause you to fall asleep. turn off the tv . this will be quite difficult for you to study because you will be concentrating on the television. children must need plenty of  rest. so you should sleep atleast for 10-11 hours a day. if you are not able to understand a difficult topic say for example the topic renaissance. read the essay 5-10  times, close the book and sleep. get up in the morning at 6;00am and read it twice. it would get easily into your mind. this is what my mamma said to me. dont study when you are tired . if you are tired you must not strain yourself .get a good night sleep after studying for a short time. dont try to mug up everything the day before exam. its going to be useless because if you try to take more information at once you will hardly learn anything. sit calm and go through what you have learned before .think what your teacher has thought you in class. try to ask these questions to yourself;
on what topics did she say me to give more importance ?
what are the tips she gave me?
like this..............
you can ask your friends, parents or teachers those who are good at that this modern world, you can also get assistance from the internet. doing a bit f meditation or yoga before studying . it makes your mind clean and fresh.set your goals say for example that you should make a chart that I will study this topic by this set of time. it is important that your goals must be reliable.plan well.if 3 out of 5 lessons are easy finish them off first. then you can spend more time for the difficult ones.set up a timetable. take regular breaks to keep you fresh.get every thing before you start studying. don't walk here and there searching for books.
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