1) the solar system is the family of the sun. it consists of eight planets and the sun in centre, their satellites, the asteriods, meteors and comets, all of which move around the sun.
2) the word solar is derived from latin word sol meaning sun.
3)Akash Ganga or the Milky way is the galaxy to which our solar system belongs.
4)mercury is the smallest planet of our solar system and neptune is the largest planet of our solar system.
5)there are five dwarf planets in our solar system-pluto, ceres, eris, haumea, makemake.

The Solar System is composed of 8 planets surrouning the sun.
the 8 planets ate the following:1.mercury 2.venus 4.mars 5.jupiter 6.saturn 7.uranus 8.neptune.
these planets are a mass of rock revolving around the sun in a epthical orbit.