Yeah Akbar was a great ruler . his real name was jalaludin Mohammad Akbar. earlier his name was only jalulidin mohammad, but after due to his great rulerity hindu's gave him name Akbar. he was son of mughal emperor huyumayun. and later on akbar has 3 sons out of which 2 dies and the last one named Jahangir became the new king of mughal empire.
Akbar the great was a mughal emperor and was very kind and good. He was the son of Humayun......He started a religion named Din-e-Ilahi.......He had 9 people in his kingdom that were close to him and he named them his nauratna.........His full name is Shahenshah Jallaluddin Mohammad, then he got the title Akbar from the people of his kingdom because of his excellent work......And he was really very now he is known as Akbar- The Great. 
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Great mughal king may be Akbar but the great mughal who establish mughal empire is Babar