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Neem is a well known plant in the field of medicine. It has so many uses. some of them are;

1) It is used to prevent bacteria and thus prevent disease which is caused by the bacteria

2) As the neem contain Polysaccharides it is very useful for the diseases such as cancer

3) Neem is used as a medicine for poisonous because the neem leaves contain anti- clotting

4) Neem is used as the medicine in the Malaria disease

5) As the neem leaves purify the blood it is a great cure for diseases  such as blood sugar, and control high blood pressure 
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medicinal uses of Neem :
⇒ all the parts of neem are used to prepare medicines, especially neem oil is used in skin diseases. for example : it is used for treating acne
⇒ a part of the neem tree can be used to make spermicide.
⇒ it has antifungal and anti bacterial properties, so it is used in curing dandruff.