U can make an octopus with soap shampoo and all clean and hygiene material
no jst stop syng monkey again n gain
hmm ohk as u wish
it is not wealth out of waste its poster making
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Some ideas-
.You can write some slogans on it.
.Make a border a little different you can also make
 dustbin or something else on the borders related to cleanliness.
.You can also show the difference between clean India and dirty India. If you want to show the difference so first divide the sheet in two parts with pencil ,in any shape that you want, then one side show a clean and hygiene picture and other side show a dirty image or unclean image . 
.Write some slogans on importance of cleanliness. 
.You can also add this slogan CLEANLINESS MY VOICE ,MY CHOICE.....
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hmm gud
can u plz give me a rough draft picture
sorry but i can't and thanks :D