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Good manners give grace to life. They make a man a useful member of the society. Courtesy is the foundation stone of good manners. We should be courteous and polite to others. We should be soft when we talk to others. We should never lose our temper and we should be kind to others. We should give respect to our elders and teachers. We should be considerate to women and children. We should not consider ourselves superior. We should speak less and listen more. We should not hurt the feelings of any one. We should try to help everybody. Good manners cost nothing but win everything. Good manners cannot be borrowed. They are to be cultivated slowly.
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Building of human relation is well possible only because of good manners.If we are having good manners automatically all will do friendship with us.good manners are the foundation for our bright future.they play a major role in maintaining peaceful society.

  to live happily money alone is not sufficient good manners are also equally important.We all know that money alone cannot bring friends .so good manners are very important

some good habits:

1.obeying elders ,teachers and parents. go to bed early and getting up early in the morning.

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