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     Children will be the future of India after some years.  So how we develop the children is important.  The children spend a lot of time in the schools.  So what they see and observe in the schools is important too.  Students study a number of lessons about the good habits, health, diseases, waste management, ecosystem, environment, cleanliness etc.  So they also observe the good ways of maintaining school neat and clean.  They inculcate in them the habit of maintaining themselves and their surroundings clean.  Unfortunately the problem of  dirty India appears because, some people have no facilities of toilets and they do not have money or knowledge regarding hygiene.  Also, some people do not care because, they are not the same who clean the places.  So they do not hesitate in throwing garbage or littering.
   So maintaining school neat and garbage free is good for the health and discipline of the students.  The will be able to follow that later on when they become citizens of India.  Also, the special drive to clean homes, and surroundings launched last month by the Prime Minister has made all the poor and ignorant people to clean their places and schools.  So the illiterate, ignorant or non-caring children will slowly learn the good practices of garbage and waste management system of the locality and city.  

   In addition to the manual efforts, many schools are lacking the basic amenities like toilets and funds to maintain their place clean.  Due the Clean India or Swachch Bhaarat Abhiyan for the next five years, all people will practice cleanliness. So India will become a Clean Country and will remain so.

    Government of India has issued orders to Indian school boards to initiate clean school campaigns.  For government schools the government asked for construction of toilets and garbage collection and disposal facilities.  Each school has been asked by their central or state boards to maintain their schools and surroundings clean.  They have been advised to conduct essay writing, speech or poster or slogan competitions.  So all children are aware of the goodness and essential nature of the problem. 

   Children when they grow after a decade or so, they will follow the cleanliness as a habit and as a part of their regular day to day work.

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in the move clean india ,its one part is also to clean our schools.

our second house is our school and so we must keep it clean.

we children usually drop wrappers here and there after eating chips and chocolates.

we should not do so as by doing so we are making our own schools dirty.
our schools looks very nice when it is clean.

the children should be taught to to be clean and also keep their surroundings clean from a very small age.

they should be clean themselves before cleaning their surroundings.

we spends about  six to seven hours every day in the school so to stay healthy we should keep our schools clean.

we must throw any garbage if seen lying on the ground in the dustbin.

in this way we will be able to make our india along with our school clean.