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I am giving control and preventive measures of soil,air and water pollution.

Control and preventive measures of Soil Pollution:
· Waste matter and garbage whenever possible should be recycled for further use.
· Mixed farming and terrace farming should be encouraged.
· Organic Manure should be used.
·  Extensive tree planting should be done to prevent soil erosion.
· Natural forest cover should be preserved.

Control and preventive measures of Air Pollution:
·Factories should be set up some distance away from residential areas.Industrial processes should be modified that they produce the least pollution. Use of coal and oil in factories should be minimized.
· Automobile engines should be designed to reduce the amount of uncombusted carbon and the vehicles should be fitted with exhaust emission control. Automobiles should be made to use Eco-friendly fuel such as CNG. Lead free petrol should be used in motor vehicles.
· Burning of waste material should be stopped. More trees have to be planted wherever possible.
· Environmental awareness should be created through environmental education so that all adopt measures to control pollution. Rules and laws regarding pollution should be implemented.

Control and preventive measures of Water Pollution:
· Use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides should be limited.
· Proper drainage for industrial, human and other wastes should be provided. Domestic waste water and various industrial effluents should be treated suitably before releasing them into water bodies. Effluents from industries should not be allowed into agricultural fields.
· Excessive chemicals should not be used for water purification. Large scale water purification methods should be adopted.
· Special instructions should be given to industries to adopt recycling of wastes so that they do not pollute water resources.